Gta 6 would be in development according to an artist who worked for Rockstar India.

Il curriculum by Bibin shows that between December 2017 and April 2019, Michael created models for Grand Theft Auto 6. This does not confirm the actual development of the game and the closer eye might not be convinced of the truth of the matter.

The rumor originally appeared in the Gta forum has created turmoil, but users do not believe that this confirms the development of a new chapter, especially given the non-disclosure agreements to which the artist should adhere.

Maybe Rockstar is really working on the new chapter of the series and if ever this were true, we know that the development house is famous for taking all the time it takes to release a game.

What do you believe about this? Has Bibin really worked for Gta 6 or is this the usual rumor aimed at creating fuss? But above all you managed to participate in the last event of Gta online?