Easter is approaching inexorably and, unfortunately, the video cards do not come out in the egg. Even if it wouldn't be a bad idea! To your rescue comes AK Informatica, Italian site specialized in selling hardware components dedicated to all PC gaming enthusiasts. In addition to this it also provides PC assembly services from Gaming and, if you live near one of their stores, located in Bergamo, Treviso and Reggio Emilia, you can also enjoy a gaming room complete with all the latest technologies.

Right now, the retailer is offering a long series of discounts on some video cards. In particular, the new ones are currently being promoted GTX 1660Ti from 6GB, of various brands. These cards do not support the new Ray Tracing technology, still belonging to the "old series" GTX. The tests carried out on various games prove to be a fairly solid card. For example, su Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, with settings at most at a resolution Full HD settles on 54fps. Going up to a resolution equal to 2K you go to about 40fps, not bad considering that, in fact, the maximum settings are used. Taking for example another title like Far Cry 5, the card also allows good 4K gaming, with around 40fps at the maximum possible details.

Next, we enter the field of RTX with the RTX 2060 from 6GB, excellent entry level for those who want to approach the world of ray tracing without taking it to the extreme. Then we can find in the offer also the RTX 2070 from 8GB, a mid-range card between the new Nvidia products, but which, for example, on Assassin's Creed Odyssey lets you reach 40fps in ultra quality at 4K or 50fps resolution on Far Cry 5. Finally we move on to RTX 2080 from 8GB, card that I chose to buy a few months ago and which I do not regret at all. Top of the range immediately below the Ti series, this gem allows you to push most of the games published at 4K keeping FPS always at more than acceptable levels. For example, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is quietly on 67fps in 4K Ultra as well as Force Horizon 4, which exceeds 70fps.

In short, there are cards for all tastes and needs. Do you plan to make you a nice Easter present?