Nintendo SwitchNintendo's small and versatile flagship is back to talk about itself. Who of you remembers the rumors on version low cost of the console? Apparently they were not all smoke

The "mini" version of Switch, according to previous reports, it will probably be a machine closer to 2Ds, at least in its essentiality, given that will lack the ability to connect to the TV and will be usable only in portable. This information however does not match those reported by Nikkei, the Japanese portal claims that the small console will be able to connect to our docks as the standard model.

Still according to Nikkei, it seems that the Japanese company is also working on an upgrade version of Switch.
This does not mean that we will have a Nintendo Switch on the same level as One X or Ps4 Pro, but it will still be a standard hardware upgrade. This will give players the opportunity to choose whether to spend less and get the essentials or to aim for better performance by spending a little more money.

Are you interested in a smaller and more manageable version of Switch? Or are you the ones who will wait for an official announcement for the enhanced version of the hybrid console? We should wait for an official announcement, but it seems that the launch window for the budget version is for this fall.

In the meantime, if you love fighting games, you will be happy to hear that Mortal Kombat 11 will arrive on Nintendo Switch.