Three years ago the film was announced on Minecraft and its publication was scheduled for May 2019 but it's been a long time since we heard about it, and that's why. The film was postponed for three years.

The long delay comes only a few months after the news, given by Variety, concerning the signing as director of Peter Sollett (Nick & Norah - Everything happened in one night), replacing Rob McElhenney (creator of There is always the sun in Philadelphia), who joined the project in 2015 and then has it had to give up due to programming problems.

The Minecraft movie - whose IMDB title should simply be Minecraft: The First Movie - will follow the adventures of a teenager and her friends who must save the world from the scourge of the Ender Dragon. According to Mojang's statements, the work on the film started practically now. Here are the statements written in the Official site:

"Since we are video game developers first, making a film will be new and very exciting, and even if the movie is different from the game (otherwise you would have a very low resolution infinite movie) one thing will be the same. We want to create the game, just like we do the game, for you, we are inspired by countless things but most of all by the incredible things our community creates every day in Minecraft! "

The Minecraft movie is now scheduled for March 4.