Finally arrives in Europe on Playstation 4 e Nintendo Switch, Super Neptunia ™ RPG, spin off of the saga Hyperdimenion Neptunia.

Developed by the Canadian study Artisan, this game gives life to the characters of the series Neptunia ™ in a completely new way in 2D. Each character was hand-drawn by Tsunako, the artist behind the series, then animated by computer magic to create a world that has mysteriously been transformed from 3D to 2D. Explore side-scrolling dungeons and dive into extraordinary turn-based battles!


heroin Neptune, awakens in a familiar world, remembering only its name. With the help of a mysterious girl named Chrome, and three other familiar faces in the series Neptunia ™, Neptune embarks on a journey into the mysterious dimension to try to recover his memory. However, the group ignores that a mysterious enemy intends to bring the 2D world back. Will Neptune and her friends to save the world and 3D games, or will they be flattened into two dimensions forever?

Key Features

  • A new you in 2D - Your favorite goddesses will go from three sizes to two! Artisan Studios e Compile Heart proudly present new lively 2D backgrounds and new hand-drawn animations in this side-scrolling RPG! With Artisan Studios e Tsuanko who collaborate to create new backgrounds and characters, fans of the series and newcomers can see Gamindustri in a new perspective 2D.
  • Customize your team - With four Goddesses to use in battle, players can change their formation and unleash devastating combos. Depending on the Goddess leading the group, players can plan attacks from four different formations: Strike, Magic, Support e Heal!
  • Break Attack! - Set up your strategy to score the special Break Attack, useful to ensure you win! Refer to the Goddess transformation ability: they will get additional bonuses to upgrade their attacks and thus devastate any enemy!
  • Skills - Upgrade your Goddesses using skills that can be unlocked with weapons, armor or accessories! Assign skills strategically and reorganize for each battle.

Super Neptunia ™ RPG it was announced coming this summer but we don't have a specific date yet, so we'll have to wait again to know exactly when we can have it in our hands.