Repeatedly dying in Sekiro brings the characters we meet to fall ill with a mysterious illness, the Dragonfly. During the game, it is possible to heal this mysterious illness of each character through gods recovery amulets and Drops of Dragon Blood. However, one user, Lance McDonald, found that the system didn't always work that way. Through patches to recover part of the game code, he discovered the existence of dragon sore pads able to cure the curses of individual characters one at a time.

The developers have removed this method of treating the Dragon's Sore, but its restoration has also allowed it to be unlocked new jokes exchanged during the game. In particular, Dogen has something more to say, and once he is offered the pills he will also talk a bit about Emma. The new dialogue certainly does not impact on the history of the game, but every detail lost is a little gem for lore hunters.

In addition to recovering lost parts of dialogue, the modders have recently been very busy with Sekiro: they added the photo mode, as well as a costume pack that allows you to play as NPCs.