Next-generation consoles are getting closer and closer, although there is nothing official about it from Sony and his at the moment PlayStation 5. Yet some last-minute leaks speak of the Japanese next gen, with launch date, price and some features.

To spread these information was a user who claims to be a European developer at work on the console: the launch year will be the 2020 and the price will be fixed at dollars 500.

Playstation Network

In addition to this, the leaker stated that the new Sony home console will be backward compatible, will include one premium version of PlayStation Plus and will have a hard disk from 2 TB. On the resolution side, PlayStation 5 would guarantee upscaling to 8K, can interface with an improved model of PlayStation VR e the DualShock 5 will have an integrated camera.

Obviously we are faced with unverified leaks, so it could also be invented news. Would you be happy if Sony's next gen actually offered that, at 500 dollars?