Jane a soldier

Imagine you are a Japanese Maverick test tube grew up in a family of four generations of pilots and to represent your country in a sort of war-like retaliation of the cold war. The diplomatic tension (and not) is cut with a knife, in an air of iron curtain that a nothing is enough to make it become nothing short of electric.

Ace Combat
With Api you fly!

Yours tomboy character, godson of a military paideia impartathi by your grandfather and his fellow soldiers, your nurses were in camouflage, ugly to say but it is, he made you a sort of Mac Giver with bewitching look at the Doki Doki (calm, only physiognomically speaking , lower the onanism). In spite of your innate ability in the custom combat fighters as if nothing had happened, also using pieces of other disused airplanes, which in effect became the spearhead of the Mage squadron of the Air Force of the Kingdom of Erusea.

ace combat

Erusea, one of them was obviously an imaginary republic, became in a series of unfortunate consequential events with each other (including the fall of a meteorite), a real monarchy in all respects. that dragged into a war vortex of rare intensity The Erusea, precisely, and the reign of Hosea, are the result of various diplomatic interference occurred after ten years of peace (due to armistice) and made of: tensions, reprisals and military skirmishes of all kinds.

One fine day, however, your fighter is shot down, you are saved by the broken bonnet, but nevertheless the enemy army captures you and imprisons you in a prison on the escort of abu ghraib, together with other aviators from the Erusea. It is precisely from the flashback born between those bars that the protagonist in question narrates the events in progress of this Ace Combat 7. And then enter any jet, close the cover of your aircraft, start the engines and unsheathe the missiles in order to defend your kingdom from those stinkers of Osea. Roger, Alpha, Charlie, Bravo you fly!

Ace Combat
Erusea F-16 hunting land and warblers

The game modes present in Ace Combat 7 are the canonical ones: the single player campaign and online multiplayer, in addition of course to the contents of the buy and play game from DLC that are coupled with various upgrades and possible, that is the classic elements to "pay and smile". In the campaign mode you can of course choose the aircraft suitable for your war transvolata, those in possession are initially three (among them the mythical fighting falcon 16 commonly called f-16 fighter) of which one is not available immediately but only after completing certain single-player campaign missions.

Choose your favorite jet, the set of special missiles among the canonical ones, like the standard air-to-air missiles AAM for example, and the power-ups you can plug into your aircraft, among those available by default and those to buy thanks to the virtual money in -game called PRM, in the so-called aircraft tree.

The planes tree is nothing more than a sort of scheme of the planes and of the upgrades to be able to buy with the in-game money, won victory after victory and after having achieved certain objectives such as: minimum time, types of downed enemies, missiles used and away talking, both in the single-player campaign and in online multiplayer.

Ace Combat
Let's twist again

This progression system, graphically resembling the layout of an electrical circuit, is subject to your needs as a skilled aviator and to the load of weapons to be used according to the missions to be done. This structure benefits both the longevity of the game itself and the determination of the end user in improving more and more, pursuing certain objectives. Once you have chosen all the necessaires, you will find yourself the fate of the Erusea in your hands, as narrated by a few cold war events told a few lines ago.

I like the smell of the joypad in the morning

In addition to the classic types of difficulty (easy, normal and difficult level), to condition your approach with the title Namco in question, there are two methods of control that depend on the skill level of the player: the standard one which consists only of acceleration and deceleration of the aircraft, and that expert with lots of pitch and roll for the most veteran. All this in addition to the settings of a tight turn, where in one option there is the possibility of accelerating and decelerating, for the more purists, while in the other one you can only slow down. All with the left lever only.

The noteworthy distinction between the normal command mode and the expert one for the cloche purists, is not just about the levers to be operated on the classic maneuvers to be performed in flight, but it conditions all that corollary of movements to let the best of your possibility and ambition, your war aircraft.

In normal mode, to get out of the enemy trajectory, it is enough to turn in an elliptical way by playing on a harness, which means moving horizontally with the aircraft without making it turn. It is not enough, in fact, that the only speed up as much as possible, so much so that precisely for this reason the controls, even in this mode, seem rather simulative.

With the expert control system, on the other hand, the continuous balancing due to evasive maneuvers, but above all within pitching and rolling, oblige you to make increasingly irregular, clumsy and little-sought parabolas. In particular at the beginning, in missions against terrestrial enemy units, finding yourself with the muzzle shattered on various air bases or aeronautical supplies, turns out to be practically a constant.

Ace Combat
The good old good B-52

Getting out of the target of your enemies, always in the aforementioned control mode is quite challenging, then learning, joypad in hand, the right dexterity is the stuff of a conspicuous number of hours spent twirling that not even Hilary. Therefore, you must not suddenly accelerate especially in missions against enemy land units, without first acquiring a certain confidence as an "expert", otherwise the figure of an experienced Tozzi fan, that is, Fantozzi in kamikaze version against stars and stripes ships, it is beautiful than ready.

A winning formula

Il union between Arcade and simulation is the real strength of the Ace Combat 7 gameplay, as well as the vulnus, even for the less experienced, of its success and its intriguing videogame hype. The view in both modes is very sensitive, compared to an artificial intelligence against which it is enough to make continuous elliptical maneuvers to divert any attacks or to elude the trajectories of missiles aimed at us.

Although it has the same graphic engine as Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the graphics compartment of Ace Combat 7 is quite sumptuous and consists of: excellent lighting effects both in terms of solar flares and reflections on the aircraft (visually impacting) , a color gradient of the glares faithful to the real counterpart in any weather condition, particle effects such as explosions, dew cause passage between clouds, debris and so on, quite realistic.

Ace Combat
Staring at the Sun

Also the graphic effects that concern the weather in flight such as: storms, rain, lightning, hail or chicchesia, are of remarkable invoice. The same goes for the effect of the turbulence caused either by weather conditions or by Top Gun turns in the grass. TO well-made polygonal models and shaders then, they are very realistic deformations; the only flaw (as in the previous chapter) the effects of the collisions on the ground of the aircraft, which do not present physical interpenetration of any kind, and the graphic rendering of everything below the horizon leaves a little dumbfounded. All in some ways seems to be placed graphically on the ground a little haphazardly, as a kind of photomontage with paint, and also seems to belong to a generation of aeons ago.

Thanks to TrueSky technology for the rendering of clouds, the resulting effect is quite astonishing and somewhat random in the polygonal composition of the same: realism and spectacularity of the visual horizon thank, intermezzos (since both use almost the same graphic) also. The details of the bolts and of the various parts of the plane seem really well taken care of, the same speech for the rust present on the bodywork of your jet. Same for the whole audio sector, to say the least sublime with music halfway between Final Fantasy and the demo of a car showroom, as well as the effects of plugged ears for Gs that in flight squeeze you like a lemon, shock waves, turbulence and explosions are also remarkable. All very beautiful.

Honorable mention for the PC version in which to unlock the vertical synchrony in such a way as to go even beyond the canonical 60 fps (hardware permitting) sends the eyeballs into broth of jujubes…. For those who instead suffer from vertigo, biochetasi in hand and so much health. Perhaps in replay at the end of the mission, at the level of details he loses a little something, but nothing to scream in scandal. As you can see yourself in the picture at the bottom of this paragraph, the invoice is of undisputed value, the visuals enjoyable and the overall effect is somewhat high-sounding, but all that is anchored to the ground, polygonal models of objects on the ground in primis, it is quite spartan. Replay or not replay.

Ace Combat
Replay graphics to review at VAR ... Yes I know it's bad, but it had to be done.

Wild Bunch

Coming to the online component, in each mission there is an evaluation to be respected, as in the campaign mode, which also invalidates the number of PRMs received (virtual money) as well as the experience points that can be reached, starting from commander-in-chief until arriving at aviator chosen, for a total of well 22 canonical degrees from aeronautical pilot. There are two online multiplayer modes for Ace Combat 7: Battle Royale and Team Deatmatch.

In the first, the now ever-present Battle Royale, in an all against all made up of: missiles, parables that not even a country carousel and moments of high tension depending on how much your aircraft has been damaged or not, whoever reaches first a given goal in terms of score. In the second one the gameplay mechanics are connected to the classic team deathmatch mode in this case pe e seas and skies of the fantastic scenario of Ace Combat. This modality turns out to be a little less repetitive and redundant than the aforementioned battle royale, where si veers in a continuous wandering around in circles through the clouds forevah and evah.

Ace Combat 7's online is pretty bleached: dodging missiles for your enemies is pretty systematic (Asimov catch this, Human 1 Robot 0). Once you enter the multiplayer session room mentioned above, there is no type of stringent rule in terms of degree of difficulty. You, poor nobo who enters an ICS game, are automatically bullied by the war fighters in Korea in the early 50s led by (“on the other side of the joystick”) an Osaka videogame aviation champion. And also with some ease.

Fly me to the moon

A beautiful title to look at, given the rather well done graphics both in terms of visual rendering as well as visual effects such as particle and flare, except for everything that pierces the ground, polygonal models and terrain in the first place. An enjoyable title, commands in hand, given the playability for everyone, despite its being a title that can be played and replayed by anyone, from the nabbo to the videogame aviator, especially due to the many spectacular moments and the cream mounted pathos.

But beware: in single-player the campaign after some refueling given to your missiles and having shot down the bad drone on duty, especially those similar to the stealth model of the US aviation of the first Gulf War, turns out to be monotonous, maybe l having had some more variety in the missions would have been ideal. Ace Combat 7 is basically an intriguing crossroads between the arcade and the purest simulation or much more simply, a game that satisfies both categories of players, also thanks to a pointing system that greatly facilitates things.

Case apart from the online and especially the Battle Royale mode, which like the holy pictures you find it videogaming almost everywhere, and in which the cheaters are the order of the day. As for the team deathmatch mode instead, it is not necessary to get a series of redundant retching due to the eternal parables of one's enemies. Net of all this, both in the one and the other modality of the aforementioned multiplayer sector, it does not evolve at the level of rank in a congenital way, step by step, thus giving you the opportunity to challenge people belonging to your own rank. Indeed, except for the score to be reached, there is no limit to entering a given room.

A plot that is quite engaging and full of suspense between the mangaka and the drama, seasoned with missions complete with the most disparate "enemies" (especially for a flight game we mean), as well as increasingly diversified objectives, is the counterpart of a single-player that certainly does not shine for longevity and originality. But anyhow ... It certainly cannot be defined repetitive in all respects, this is not, but in the long run a bit tired.

Put simply, Ace Combat 7 is beautiful, enjoyable by everyone, pro, intermediate or citrulli of the knob, and quite spectacular, despite some errors of youth and certain defects given by a certain repetitiveness both in single missions and in his majesty battle royale, but therein more for causes induced by the "giostrai" of the skies that are not directly attributable to the game itself.