An unpleasant incident that found a quick solution struck in the last hours The Division 2. It seems that to the Ubisoft house title development team an artwork that contained a homophobic insult escaped the controls, ended up inside the game.

It is a huge street art image on the side of a building, depicting a fat policeman eating a donut. On his badge is the designation "FA6607", which we could Italianize with a little elegant "FR0C10". The artwork should be inspired by the individual Police Story to the Black Flag, an American punk group. Being used as an insult to a policeman, the negative connotation of the term is evident. Ubisoft, realizing the error, immediately ran for cover, releasing a patch that removed the image from the game and a communiqué in which he admits that the aforementioned artwork escaped the controls, also affirming that they are already at work to correct their review systems and to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

Ubisoft's intervention was sudden and impeccable, but one cannot help but wonder how it is possible that a production as important as that of The Division 2 escaped such a thing. We hope that no more similar episodes will occur.