Through announcement on Twitter, Disney has announced the first TV series dedicated to the Marvel world that will be created for the new Disney + streaming channel.

Leaving aside the name, WandaVision (hoping it is only temporary), it should be noted that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, the actors who interpret Scarlet Witch and Vision in the MCU will be the protagonists of the series.

During a meeting with investors another project related to the Marvel world was revealed and is that of Falcon and Winter Soldier, also in this case the protagonists of the same characters of the two characters in the MCU films, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

The news of a TV series about Hawkeye, with the same Jeremy Renner as a protagonist, is also confirmed, even if in reality he should simply give up "bow and arrows" to Kate Bishop, protagonist of Fraction's run in the comics.

At the moment we do not have certain release dates for these series, but again via Twitter, Disney has confirmed the start of the programming of the new streaming platform the November 12 this year (of which a preview site is open to this link)

The cost of the subscription is lower than that of Netflix, although it is necessary to see the actual programming and park of titles at the start, even if after the recent acquisition of Fox, the Mickey Mouse streaming platform can show off the 30 seasons of the Simpsons at its release (and this should be enough!), in addition to all the classics of the Disney world and, of course, the MCU, as well as Star Wars and Pixar.

The war between giants of streaming has begun, hoping that the competition will bring advantages to us users in terms of quality and costs, counting also that Netflix in recent times had raised the prices of the subscriptions.