To introduce Dragon Ball, in the 2019, he really has the absurd. Even more incredible is still talking about this shōnen with almost thirty years on its shoulders, yet here we are, with a new (or presumed) game dedicated to the work of Akira Toriyama for Nintendo Switch e PC.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission it contains everything a Dragon Ball fan knows about the Universes created over the years, since Goku was a simple child to the immense powers of Ultra Instinct, but even beyond. The Xenoverse series has created alternative stories, just as the birth of Heroes has put into practice, with an anime, everything that the wildest fanservice can give birth to from their own mind. Well, the game we have in our hands is the videogame representation of everything: a title therefore that can be considered the encyclopedia of Dragon Ball for all the fans, and only for them.

It is important to point out that Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is not the typical fighting game we are used to by reading the words Dragon Ball and video game juxtaposed: no Budokai, no Budokai Tenkaichi, nor Xenoverse or FighterZ. This time Goku and his companions find themselves fighting in the middle of billboards from card game.It is basically a classic card game but in the form of a video game.

Indeed SDBH has become a card game in Japan, leading to the creation of some cabinets with which to interact, practically the video game that has now arrived in Europe on our consoles. Actually, we don't have to imagine a classic Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game, Pokémon or Hearthstone: here we don't have a thirty or more card deck to draw characters, bonuses or traps with which to create a strategy. In SDBH we have to choose only seven cards, each of them representing a character of the boundless universe of manga / anime: in fact, we find more than a thousand in the game where practically all the fighters appear, even only once, from the first series to Super and Heroes. Not only therefore the most beloved Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Freezer and Bu, but also adult Gotenks, Vegeta SS3, the Xeno versions of the protagonists, Broly SS4.

As you can understand, we are faced with the true fanservice made video game, where there are no limits other than technical ones. Yet behind a game that seems to focus only on the fanboysmo of those who grew up on bread and senzu, in reality it hides a really deep gameplay, never prohibitive, but that requires a careful study of each character that will compose one of the fifty decks that can be saved . Initially, in fact, there is even displaced by the enormous amount of information that the tutorial shoots in front of us and the beauty (or rather, the ugly) is that some mechanics are not even explained, so the first games are won a little to case.

Fortunately, however many ways of play allow us to practice, the only real way to understand how the layered gameplay of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission works. There story mode puts us in the shoes of a boy like us, a lover of Dragon Ball and the card game inspired by it, that for anomalies of the world sees the characters of the manga / anime appear in the real world. The plot certainly does not stand out for its originality and certainly does not face twists, but the fans will be able to catch the jokes and they will take pleasure in experiencing some situations seen and reviewed, but in different sauce. Besides the simple story mode, we also have that Arcade: many different timelines, some more classic and taken from the canonical series, others totally invented and ironic, others taken by Xenoverse. But it doesn't end there: multiplayer local and online, shop from which to purchase new items, cards and upgrades and, of course, a session dedicated to creation of our decks.

Although in Dragon Ball, much more than in other shōnen, the more powerful one wins, in SDBH this rule does not apply. It is very important to create a balanced deck, even using characters that are often considered less useful, given that what some fighters lose in Power, Health Points or Guard maybe buy it in special effects and bonuses. In fact, all the wrestlers are divided into Heroes, Elite e Berserker, each with its own unique characteristics: the former are the most balanced characters, the latter strike with energy blows, making enemies more easily defeated, while the latter make brute force their main quality by attacking the PSs above all.

Already at this point you will understand how it is important to create a team with seven balanced characters, even at the cost of putting weak wrestlers. In addition, each character has special abilities that are activated upon reaching a certain round, or being on the court with a certain ally (the most obvious example being Goten and Trunks who merge into Gotenks after two rounds), devastating special moves which can be activated when you have sufficient energy points available. The energy points accumulate by putting more characters on the attack board, but as always we must not exaggerate, since being in the attack phase is also equivalent to being vulnerable, in addition to being consumed useful force to attack and defend oneself. Keeping a few characters behind the lines to do it "reload" is always appropriate, especially when that character, if positioned in the defense phase and therefore as a support, also has bonus effects on the comrades in the attack phase.

Each turn consists of the attack and defense phase and the first to attack is determined by the sum of the power of the characters placed in the advanced phase. Once the preparatory phase is over, the actual combat begins, which is nothing more than a filmed with QTE; a bar to be stopped at the right point by both players determines who has the best in the two phases: if the winner is the one who attacks the greatest sleep damage, with the possibility to unleash the special attack in case you have enough Energy Points. If the defense wins, the damage is minor. In the long run the fights can be a bit boring, also seen it graphic show that certainly does not enchant. Seeing our darlings fight with textures from PlayStation 2 (the models actually look like those of Budokai 3), with woody animations and non-existent facial expressions it certainly does not entice, but it must also be emphasized that in a card game it is certainly not the graphic sector that you go to look for. But what I really didn't like is the game interface, taken at the same pace as that of the cabinets with all that derives from it: actions that invite to "rotate the cards", when we will not have to do anything but rotate the analog stick or drag the finger on the Switch touch screen, or even l "I invite you to" move a card to the indicated area "when obviously everything will be done with what the console or PC offers us, mouse or analogue.

Fortunately the many variants to which SDBH puts us in front make the fights almost always a surprise, between secondary objectives to reach, the intervention of Zeno that confers huge bonuses carried out certain requests or the conquest of a Super Dragon sphere, which put with the other six allows you to greatly enhance your avatar or request other game bonuses. Even the cards to be "bought" in the dedicated shop are almost endless: it is important to emphasize that the game has no microtransaction and the cards are all unlockable with the classic gatcha method, simply by using the tickets that accumulate by playing in the various modes. If then the about 1100 cards just not enough, no problem: you can even create custom cards, where you can choose character, special effects, power, attacks, bonuses and any other aspect that comes to mind. Does what Dimps has made available to players to entertain them for a long time still seems little to you? Then you can juggle in creation of missions to share with the rest of the world, or in turn play the missions created by a user on the other side of the planet.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission that's all a Dragon Ball fan would want, in the form of a card game. Any character and transformation ever seen, comic situations, fights, special moves, mergers, combined attacks, tactics, original and non-original stories, online and local multiplayer, card making. A game that under the technical sector really dated hides a very deep heart, to be studied carefully, but that never claims to be difficult.

Those looking for "just" a card game could be disappointed, but a true Dragon Ball fan who wants something alternative to the usual fighting game has found the encyclopedia that's right for him.