A new paid DLC for Resident Evil 2: Remake allows you to unlock all objects which, normally, a player should get gradually with one (or more) run. For about 5 €, you can in fact say goodbye to the initial limitations that the gameplay imposes on you.

resident evil

The "All In Game Rewards Unlock", this is the name of the content available on Steam, does exactly what the name suggests: it allows instant access to all the rewards available in the adventure. These include the 4th Survivor, the mode Tofu Survivor, new costumes and models, and some weapons. The included arsenal also includes versions with unlimited ammo of the LE-5 machine gun, the ATM-4 rocket launcher, as well as a combat control that does not break. The lack of ammunition is one of the elements that best characterizes the experience offered by Capcom's work, and these changes certainly change the cards on the table.

All the contents of the DLC, we remember, are rewards that would normally be obtainable in-game, therefore without the need to spend even a penny. But, apparently, there are those who prefer to spend money (even not too much) rather than spending time. At this point, only one question arises: did he really feel the need?