Disabilities are no longer a limitation in the world of sport (just think of the companies of Zanardi or Bebe Vio) and for this reason it is not surprising that the same happens in the world of e-sports.

In fact, the Maxim76 streamer showed everyone that his deafness was not an obstacle to reach the top500 of the ranking of Overwatch, a company at least titanic considering that much of the gameplay of Overwatch it is based precisely on the sound aspect, especially with regard to communication with the members of one's team.

top500 overwatch
Maxim76's Moira was classified as the 20esima of the server

To explain how Maxim76 another deaf player, such a dreamer, has managed to reach this goal Pepsivi, That of Reddit explained how their disability leads them to have a different approach to the game than the able-bodied player of Overwatch.

In a way, deaf players try to adapt to the rhythm of the game, as well as repeatedly spamming the TAB key to always have an eye on the statistics screen.

Also the selection of the characters is fundamental, given that you prefer characters that tend to stay in the middle of the group and therefore I can react visually to what happens, rather than roles more "solitari".

Congratulations to Maxim76!