We have long since learned to appreciate, or hate, i Battle Royale; a genre that has also involved famous brands like Call of Duty and Titanfall, in addition to the original Fortnite and PUBG.

It does not seem to be enough anymore, so why not organize a real Battle Royale, on an island where a hundred men fight until there is only one left? This is what a millionaire who wanted to remain anonymous thought and who made a private island available to organize the first real Battle Royale in real life.

The one who will take care of the organization of everything, the so-called Game Maker, will receive 45.000 pounds for six weeks of work and will have to create the entire setting. The Battle Royale will last three days and we will have both the preparatory phases (the training) and the battle itself and the rest inside the campsite.

The winner will be 100.000 pounds and l 'ad, from which you can register, ensures that everything will be done in compliance with safety standards, with camouflage suits, protections and Soft Air weapons.

A crazy idea, who knows if the event will somehow also be broadcast live!