Halo it is undoubtedly the franchise most important among the exclusive Xbox, so it is no surprise that Microsoft is willing to invest a lot in games that are part of the series. However, the titles published following the divorce between Microsoft and Bungie (Halo 4, Halo 5 e The Master Chief Collection) were received with less enthusiasm by the fans than the previous chapters of the saga. According to some rumors, Microsoft would therefore have decided to raise the mail up for grabs for Halo Infinite, guaranteeing a budget to scream. If the news were confirmed, Halo Infinite would become the video game more expensive produced so far in history.

To spread the rumor is the German site Xbox Dynasty, which though does not mention any source for his statement. Therefore, the news must be taken with pliers: the budget of which Xbox Dynasty speaks would consist in addition five hundred million dollars only in development costs, a figure that would exceed that expense per Red Dead Redemption 2 o Grand Theft Auto 5. A budget like this mammoth is however plausible, especially considering the possibility that Halo Infinite is in development not only for Xbox One and PC, but also for the next generation of Microsoft console. Also, if Halo Infinite really does turn out to be implanted on the model di game as service, the cost could be amortized over a much longer period of time.

For reliable and reliable information on Halo Infinite, we may have to wait for this year's E3.