Have you ever dreamed of commanding a knife-armed crab in a physically demolished QWOP-style game? Well, here it is! Here is a brief synopsis of the game:

From Very Very Spaceship, the brand new third-person game KNIFE 2 MEAT U arrives! Command an angry crab that makes its way into swamp litter. Maybe your family has been taken to the nearest fish restaurant. Maybe you escaped from the local aquarium. The only thing that really matters is how sharp your knife is.

Knife 2 Meat U is a short 15 experience minutes from Very Very Spaceship, a small studio based in Seattle. K2MU was created during an internal 1 week jam as a procedural animation test, along with other experiments you might see in the future!

In the bottom to this page you can download and try the game. In case you are interested in slightly more challenging games we remind you that it is available for free on the Epic Store The Witness.