The announcement of the momentary exclusivity of Borderlands 3 on 'Epic Store not at all liked by fans of the saga and detractors of the Epic Games store, so much so as to kick off the so-called review bombing.

Steam has thus begun to take countermeasures and has started precisely with Borderlands 2, the most targeted chapter by dissatisfied users.

In practice this new control system excludes off-topic reviews from the vote count, those reviews made just to hit a software house or developers without objectively evaluating the game itself.

In this way the reviews that are part of the review bombing will be censored, but will remain visible anyway. Steam has in fact chosen not to completely erase these judgments, although actually off-topic and useless, but only of don't make them weigh on the final average of users' votes.

A choice that is being discussed, given that many would have preferred a total cancellation, but probably Valve did not want to exaggerate with censorship thus avoiding possible further problems.