Octopath Traveler - Coming soon on PC

The Korean Rating reveals the Pc release of the Square Enix RPG.


Corridor voices give Octopath Traveler output on Pc. The spectacular RPG of Square Enix came out Switch, could also come out on Pc. At least according to the leak from the Korea's Game Rating And Administration Committee.

The rating, which appeared today and then immediately removed, did not escape the member of ResetEra Rodjera which was able to make a screen before the aforementioned page was deleted. The version Pc di Octopath Traveler will be published, at least in South Korea, from the same Namco Bandai.

Octopath Traveler was launched on Switch last year where it achieved considerable public success. It's a mix between the old Japanese RPGsi of the era SNES ed innovative elements of modern mold. Graphically it is a surprising one 2D in high definition with turn-based combat system that certainly does not skimp in twists. It is about eight heroes engaged in as many RPG adventures and enclosed in one and only adventure.

The version free to play will keep it style and some characteristics of the originalBut with bigger battles. There will also be more characters and will be introduced posthumous novelty, with respect to the release of the game itself, regarding plot.

The timing with which the aforementioned leak came to the surface makes the news even more truthful. Octopath Traveler on PC could thus become reality as soon as possible.