Netherealm Studios has unveiled a new character di Mortal Kombat 11 which seems to be very powerful.

Game Informer in a exclusive trailer (at the bottom of this article) presented the old goddess Cetrion. In the video in question she is at the mercy of the meats of Jade with its elemental powers and with a emerald laser the slaughterhouse in a moment that is not said.

The unpublished character in question seems to be able to exploit the power of the earth, of fire and water and of crush the heart of his opponents with a big laser started directly from his hands. Stuff to make even Jack Burton di Grosso "Guaio a Chinatown" turn pale.

La fatality of Cetrion it's even more truculent. The unwary Jade is covered by rocks, made for the excitement forehead. The latter in fact comes mangled from the character in question with a powerful kick. Subsequently Cetrion comes out of the earth's orbit and with a deadly beam of energy started from his mouth disintegrates completely his opponent.

Please note that Mortal Kombat 11 the 23 April for Ps4, Pc ed Xbox. The owners of switch instead they will be able to give themselves to it of right to sound of fatality from the May 10. May the Earthrealm be slight to you!