Free is Beautiful presents you today The Witness, title that Epic Games Store allows you to download for free from 4 18 to April. Therefore the strategy of epic Games to give its users a new game every two weeks.

But let's see what is proposed to us this time.

The Witness is an 2016 puzzle game created by Jonathan Blow, creative mind behind the development of the splendid Braid from which somehow the dreamy atmospheres and the silent narrative resume. Immersed in solitude on a strange island, players will face a long series of puzzles with the aim of reconstructing their identity and their past.

The resolution of the puzzles is never an end in itself: every progress makes it possible to orientate better and better within a world that, deliberately, explains nothing to the player. Only by experimenting and "learning" the language of the game itself is it possible to extricate oneself from the mysteries of The Witness, with the aim of understanding what lies behind its own misadventure.

You are ready to use all your logical skills to solve The Witness?