Un nurse di 25 years was arrested for threatened by email staff Square Enix a Tokyo in Japan. Second Livedoor News, the man is accused of having sent the 5 February a mail threatening to the Square Enix offices, in which he wrote:

"Hey Square Enix staff, tomorrow I'm going to kill you, get ready (for your punishment)!

In Japanese, the last part of the threat is "kubi arattokeyo"(首 洗 っ と け よ), which literally means "go wash your neck". The expression originates in seppuku, Japanese ritual suicide. The Japanese tradition tells that after a samurai would have gutted himself, the kaishakunin (person in charge of doing second in the same ritual) would have cut off his head. Hence the expression "wash your neck“, Which refers to the preparation for a real one final punishment.

Due to this regrettable event, Square Enix was forced to strengthen its security. The man was finally arrested il 29 March declaring that its threats are the result of a commercial misunderstanding with the same software house. The twenty-five year old would have said he spent well 200.000 yen (almost 1600 euro) in the game without getting the coveted in-game object longed for by the same folly.

As emphasized the Hamusoku newspaper, it seems that the money has been spent on a so-called "virtual gacha”Or in loot box.

Last September they were found about thirty mails with the recipient of the Japanese headquarters of Square Enix with the word "kill" scritta in Japanese. The authorities are now examining whether the two facts are connected or not.