Kotaku journalist Jason Schreie has carried out a huge investigation on Anthem and its development. The journalist interviewed 19 people, including both internal elements of the development team and those close to them who recount the vicissitudes experienced by Bioware. They also made a video.

First of all, it is pointed out that in the team there were often cases of anxiety and depression resulting from too much work. A fact already happened during the development of Dragon Age Inquisition so that some developers hoped that this game was not successful, to show how such work rates did not lead to anything good.

Unfortunately for them - it is a case of saying it - the game has been a huge success and has also won awards for the game of the year.

Moreover the game was not born neither as looter shooter nor as Anthem. Originally it should have been a survival named Beyond but it has undergone dozens of changes. Even the flight was removed and re-inserted very often. If we add to this also great problems of writing and re-writing together with the technical problems deriving from Frostbite, the graphic engine used, we have a general picture of why Anthem was published in such a catastrophic state. A real lack of indications from the project leaders is also narrated, to which is also added the resignation of the leader Casey Hudson.

We strongly recommend reading the original, endless piece with lots of food for thought about the state of both the software house and the videogame development scene in general.