Valve confirmed that the pre-orders of their brand new VR viewer, presented as Index, this year's 01 / 05 will begin, and shipments on an unspecified date in June.

La page that we showed you a few days ago was promptly removed by Valve, seems to have gone on air For error. To date, however, the company has had to provide official announcements to avoid more or less truthful speculation about the costs of Index, to the contents of its sales package etc.

La sales package, according to the details provided by Valve itself, will include, of course:

  • viewer VR Index
  • integrated headphones
  • a base equipped with Display Port 1.2 and doors USB 3.0
  • a transformer
  • 2 different gaskets that will make the wear Index more comfortable depending on the different testoni
  • a cloth to clean the visor

However, the links in the old page now removed led to two other lists, which leads us to think of something "ugly“: The controllers for Index and the base for storing them will be sold separately.

Valve later communicated to colleagues from The Verge, that the removed pages included information accurate e truthful albeit not completely complete. The software house also wanted to clarify that the controllers of Index, which we all knew as Knuckles, was rightly renamed Valve Index Controllers.

We can't wait to get our hands on it!

Some insiders suggest the 15 June 2019 as a final release, but remember to take this last date with pliers. So all you have to do is wait a bit, stay tuned the 1 May to discover all that the mother of Steam has in store for us with 'sto Valve Index.

I leave you the tweet that triggered the ruckus. And I recommend it 'tate boni in the comments, because from all this competition in the VR field the end user has only one gain. More competition means lower prices and more attention to quality and software development than what appears to be a technology that could soon become a must for many. So watch out before you complain about de "yet another VR viewer"In the end, it is always a mother Valve!