It looks like there may be new news for the "No More Heroes" series at this year's E3. The developer Goichi Suda, known to most people as Suda51, it has not hidden possible statements for his series at the famous Los Angeles show.

The end of the series spin-off Travis Strikes Again in fact he has hinted, quite explicitly, that a new game in the "No More Heroes" series was in development. "It could have been only Travis making trouble around. I hope to have the opportunity and the time to announce some new treats at E3 ", the Japanese designer declared with obvious irony during ainterview with Siliconera.

The first game in the series was released for Wii in the far 2007. The second chapter, "No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle" was instead released a few years later. The spin-off "Travis Strikes Again" was released on Switch last year. What's more, during the developer conference in March, Suda published a tweet bearing the Ubisoft logo, the publisher of the first two chapters:

And you, would you like to see a new game in the series? Personally, I can't wait.