In cyberpunk 2077 we will see the screen of game over just dying. No matter how badly we miss a mission, the game will continue and put us in front of the consequences of our failure.

This new information comes from an interview with GameStar and translated by a post on Reddit.

Il Quest Designer of Cyberpunk, Philip weber, stated in a GameStar podcast that the developers of CD Projekt RED have pledged to imagine "the stupidest thing players could have done" during missions.

For example, if the player chooses to go and eat a hamburger instead of tracking the designated target, or if the target to be stalked dies, the game will continue anyway. There would obviously be significant consequences in history.

This approach to mission design increases the player's freedom of choice. Weber has also revealed, in fact, that the Cyberpunk quests will be completed in many different ways depending on the class chosen and the skills used. The game will present a much greater freedom of approaches than that of The Witcher 3.

Recall that, to date, Cyberpunk 2077 does not have a fixed release date yet.