Borderlands 3 - revealed Epic Store release date and exclusive?

Leak on release date and possible exclusive on the Epic Games Store?


Now, yesterday was April 1st, we all know about it. Despite this leak 24 has been released hours ago in fact, the rumor in question seems to be quite credible. The version for Pc di Borderlands 3 will be launched exclusively on Epic Games store. Always if deemed credible i tweets then deleted and highlighted bytwitter user Wario 64. Among the latter, there is indeed an official video, now deleted, which shows the logo of the store of epic Games for the next shooter. Of the Steam logo there is no trace as you can see for yourself, but rather the logo of the platform that is causing so much fuss in the phantasmagorical world of digital delivering.

Borderlands 3 on epic games
Borderlands 3 on epic games

And in the meantime, a other profile still reports instead theindiscretion on exit date di Borderlands 3, scheduled for the September 13th.

Borderlands 3therefore, it could be one of the exclusive high-profile products dell ' Epic Games Store. The previous chapters of the Geaarbox series as we all know were quite popular on Steam, which makes this move quite surprising.

With a series of tweet, the amministratore delegato di Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford he stated that 2K games and the direct manager of all the decisions about the distribution and to partnership with the platforms. And he continued by stating the following:

"For me, the exclusives are good when they bring advantages and don't last too long, for a maximum of about 6 months."


Randy Pitchford
Gearbox's Randy Pitchford has his say about exclusives


Pichford then went on to say that:

"Gearbox shows great interest in multi-platform gaming. The Epic leardeship with multi-platform support is useful for our interests ".

Will the launch of Borderlands 3 be multi-platform? Could this choice finally pour water on the fire regarding the recent criticisms against the Epic Game Store? Soon the hard sentence.

At the bottom of this article, here's the official trailer of the long-awaited third chapter of the Gearbox Software saga. Good vision!