It's easy to laugh and joke when things are going well, a little less when they don't go the right way and not even a giant like Blizzard is exempt from this unwritten rule.

For those who have been following Irvine Software House for many years, they know that 1 ° April It is a special day and over the years we have always had a smile with their weird ads. Just to make you understand how this day was "important" for Blizzard in past years, we point you out even a page dedicated to all the gags that have accompanied the history of this great production company over the years (even if they stop at 2015)

This year the situation is very different: apart World of Warcraft that continues its tradition with one fake patch notes, which among other things promises that 5 druids in party can form a super-bot, the other sites of the games Blizzard, at least until the time I am writing this news, 17: 00 hours of 1 ° April, I am currently without any kind of prank announcement, although many still hope that it is that of Diablo Immortal.

April Fools Joke?

Too many societal problems or simply became too serious? Certainly something seems to have broken in one of the biggest videogame companies of all time.