The director of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida is currently working on a next-gen project at Square Enix. The title is currently released from the generic development phase, and the team is looking for new designers and programmers. "We launched into a new main title in the footsteps of Final Fantasy XV, and the game we are working on is ready to face the next generation. We have completed the initial development, which also included the development of environments, and the project is now entering a phase of general development, "said Naoki Yoshida on Official site. We all remember the tormented story of Final Fantasy XV, released after years and with a really fragmented storyline, completed and revised only with the addition of numerous DLs, the last of which came out recently.

Final Fantasy XV

We do not yet know if the game will be a new main chapter in the series, or a completely different new IP. We only hope that the Square team has learned from their mistakes this time.