La W has released a beautiful trailer for War of the Spark, accompanied by a very evocative cover of “In the End. "Of the Linkin Park , performed by Jung Youth & Fleurie.

Nicol Bolas now check Ravnica and only a group of Planeswalkers seem to try to oppose the climb to the divinity of the Ancient Dragon. In the trailer we see Liliana Vess that is literally consuming itself to try to oppose a fate that now seems inevitable. Will succeed i Planeswalketo stop the advance of Nicol Bolas?

A truly spectacular cinematic, which only raises the hype for the arrival of War of the Spark il May 3, but with the prereleases on the weekend of 27 and 28 April.

Even the expansion will come up MTG: Arena il 25th April and honestly we can't wait to see the metagame a little stagnant for some weeks now!