This weekend is taking place in Boston on PAX East 2019, event that brings together developers and fans around the globe every year, in which also NetherRealm Studios wanted to dedicate a panel to the new one Mortal Kombat 11, complete with a playable demo. According to what reported by GameSpot, and confirmed also by the developers, the Switch game is programmed to run at 60fps in every situation, having nothing to envy in terms of fluidity compared to the other versions. The port on Switch, entrusted to the study Shiver Entertainment moreover, it will receive all the contents, kombattenti, modalities and functions of the other platforms, making compromises only for some graphic limitations imposed by the hybrid hardware of Nintendo.

As we know the fluidity and the frames in a fighting game (especially if technical like MK) are fundamental, and so we can do nothing but applaud the developers for their commitment to ensuring an equal experience to all users. Finally, we remind you that Mortal Kombat 11 will come next 23th April su PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.