What to do it youtuber nowadays it is almost taken for granted, but by now Shirley Curry Skyrim's grandmother, 82 years, no.

Let's go back a little bit in the right time to refresh the memory for a moment.

Shirley Curry, 82 years, the unstoppable nerdacchiona grandmother

In the distant 2015 this nice grandmother had the idea of ​​opening her own YouTube channel, a channel that today counts almost 500k members, For streammare or record videos gameplay di The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Well, after having become a media case, after having acquired a very solid fanbase, after breaking into the hearts of all of us, we gave her a gift as a community.

In fact the colleagues of Eurogamer to call a petition which then led her grandmother to be contacted directly by her mother Bethesda. The community request was simple: Shirley Curry, the grandmother of Skyrim, should have been part of the new The Elder Scrolls. So it was, his fans' requests were answered.

Shirley said she was very happy about the whole thing, and I would like to see it!

We could appreciate during the twenty-fifth anniversary of TES al PAX East, a commemorative video that also showed the latest technologies in face acquisition starting from photos.

So yes, for those who were wondering Grandma Shirley will be a character within the next Elder Scrolls, too bad we have to wait for still quite a while before being able to savor it as it deserves.

I leave his first one down here gameplay about Skyrim Special Edition.