Continue the offer of free games through the portal galaFreebies of the digital store indiegala. After Memoranda, is now given as a present Super Destronaut.

If you love retro pixellosis games, this game is for you: get ready for intense retro space shootings! Fight off hordes of invaders in this arcade space shooter and collect power-ups to increase your firepower. Try to beat your best score in Classic, Time Attack and Hardcore modes, or challenge your friends in Multiplayer. If you like classic arcade shooters you will love Super Destronaut.

Quoting the title's Steam page:

Super Destronaut, inspired by an arcade classic (Space Invaders, ed), is a retro space shooter that puts you in front of a more formidable enemy than a UFO: a scoreboard.

You can download this fun for free shoot'em up a this link.