No videos, no trailers, no ads. Just a page (small and well hidden) appeared on the Steam site. This is what Valve did to reveal his first ever VR viewer to the world: Index. And the name, for now, is all we know. Because in addition to the written "Valve Index" imprinted on the display, no other information has been provided, other than the words "Upgrade your experience" and a date: May 2019. 

If for more information on the hardware we will therefore have to wait a couple of months, on some aspects we can instead draw conclusions. Primarily, no reference to HTC, the partner with whom Valve collaborated to create the HTC Vive. In secundis, from the only image provided, it seems that the viewer is very similar to the images provided by the leaks of a few months ago, which makes the latter always more credible and true.

The much awaited VR viewer is therefore a reality, it will be called Valve Index and will be entirely developed and produced by Valve, without other partners. We just have to wait for more info.