The latest releases Capcom, from Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry V, brought the software house to the glories of the past and the future would seem just as positive.

The increasingly insistent voices of the arrival of Resident Evil 3 Remake they find confirmation in the words of a user who in the past had previously provided information that later turned out to be true.

The insider AestheticGamer in fact declared that the expected game is actually in development, but not at the same team that edited the remake of the second chapter; In fact, Capcom would have it entrusted to an external team:

"It was not created by the same team that made the remake of the second chapter, in fact it is not even developed by Capcom's 1 Division. Who is developing it is very interesting, but I'll talk about it another day; will come much sooner than people expect. "

Not only therefore Resident Evil 3 Remake, according to the words of the insider, would not be in development at Capcom, but will even arrive much earlier than expected.

Let the software house announce it to the E3 2019 and the game is available already in this 2019?