Recently, in Rome, the most awaited event was held by Italian film lovers: i David di Donatello.

Many films have challenged each other to win the prestigious statues, however, one film over all, has managed to dominate the scene mainly: it is about Dogman di Matteo Garrone who won well 9 awards.

The recognition to the career, this year, he went to a visibly moved Tim Burton, welcomed by the public with a great standing ovation.

Tim Burton enchants the audience of David by telling his passion for Italian cinema, from Dante Ferretti to Dario Argento. And now the awarding of the best new director award ...

Published by David di Donatello Awards at Wednesday March 16th

The award like best new director went to Alessio Cremonini with "On my skin" (which later also won the David Giovani).

Three nominations and already two awards for "On my skin" by Alessio Cremonini: Best new director and young David!

Published by David di Donatello Awards at Wednesday March 16th

But in the Italian cinema festival, another important international star could not be missing: it is Uma Thurman who was awarded a David Special and had the honor of reward Alessandro Borghi as "Best Actor"In"On my skin". In the brief speech of the Roman actor, the dedication of the victory was addressed to Stefano Cucchi.

#AlessandroBorghi “Thanks to the Cucchi family for trusting me. This award is from Stefano. I dedicate it to everyone ...

Published by David di Donatello Awards at Wednesday March 16th

Others two David Specials have been donated before Dario Argento, master of Horror cinema, and then a Francesca lo schiavo.

But let's see in detail all the winners of the 64 edition of the David di Donatello awards:

  • Best film: "Dogman" by Matteo Garrone
  • Best director: Matteo Garrone for "Dogman"
  • Best leading actress: Elena Sofia Ricci for “Loro"
  • Best Actor: Alessandro Borghi for "On my skin"
  • Best supporting actress: Marina Gonfalone for "The vice of hope"
  • Best supporting actor: Edoardo Pesce for "Dogman"
  • Best original screenplay: Matteo Garrone, Massimo Gaudioso and Ugo Chiti for "Dogman"
  • Best non original script: Luca Guadagnino, Walter Fasano and James Ivory for "Call me with your name"
  • Best new director: Alessio Cremonini for “On my skin"
  • Best author of photography: Nicolaj Bruel for "Dogman"
  • Best costume designer: Ursula Patzak for "Capri-Revolution"
  • Best musician: Sascha Ring and Philipp Thimm for “Capri-Revolution"
  • Best set designer: Dimitri Capuani for “Dogman"
  • Best documentary: Nanni Moretti for "Santiago, Italy"
  • Best hairdresser: Aldo Signoretti for "Loro"
  • Best make-up artist: for Dalia Colli and Lorenzo Tamburini for "Dogman"
  • Best original song"Mistery of Love", Music, text and interpretation of Sufjan Stevens for"Call me with your name"
  • Best fitter: Marco Spoletini for "Dogman"
  • Best producer: Cinema Undici and Lucky Red for "On my skin"
  • Best short film: Alessandro Di Gregorio for "Border"
  • Best visible effects: Victor Perez for "The invisible boy - Second generation "
  • Best sound"Dogman"Maricetta Lombardo, Alessandro Molaioli, Davide Favargiotti, Mauro Eusepi, Mirko Perri and Michele Mazzucco
  • Best foreign film"Rome”By Alfonso Cuarón
  • David Young: Alessio Cremonini for “On my skin"
  • David of the Spectator"Everyone at home well”By Gabriele Muccino;
  • David to the career: Tim Burton
  • David Special: Uma Thurman
  • David Special: Dario Argento
  • David special: Fratesca Lo Schiavo