CD Project Red, during the meeting in which he commented on his financial balance sheet of the 2018, announced that in the fall Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will also arrive on mobile devices.

It is Adam Kiciński who broke the news during the conference, adding however that the title will be released first on iOS devices, and later on Android. With this operation CDPR hopes to be able to further expand its catchment area, as well as strengthen the service for already consolidated players. And speaking of service, Another important piece of news was that of the "game as a service". The team of Gwent in fact it intends to release monthly updates to make the game always intriguing and varied, making it unique compared to other card games on the market.

Also Jason Slama, game director of Gwent, commented the news with a official release on the game website, adding that they managed to find the right compromise between usability of gameplay and card graphics, which has always been the strong point of the title with its extraordinary artwork.
We also remind you that from tomorrow 28 March will be available the first expansion of Gwent, called Crimson Curse, of which we have already spoken to you here .