Yesterday the first episode of State of Play, a new Sony format was broadcast, following in the footsteps of Nintendo Direct, it should become a showcase for updates and new releases from PlayStation. It is known to all that a shop window becomes beautiful, interesting, when behind it you can admire pieces of art, beautiful clothes, beautiful cakes. In short, a showcase without content loses its charm and utility. Here, if we could describe the first episode of State of Play, the image would certainly be this: an empty and useless showcase.

Mind you: we are not those who want the title or announcement of the year at any cost. Also because the video game, for us, certainly does not reduce to those three / four triple A that from year to year monopolize the market. As, at the same time, it certainly cannot be reduced to two games for VR and the fair of skinny trailers without dates of release, useful info. Not with the claims with which Sony presented this new format, not with the standards guaranteed by other competitors (see Nintendo Direct).

On the other hand, popular judgment has not been slow in arriving and, as often happens, has left little room for ambiguity. The dislike to the direct far exceed the likes and negative comments are the most popular ones.
The impression is that, given the many exclusives at play (Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima) and this being the launch episode, perhaps something more was expected. Something that certainly hasn't arrived.