New update for Metro Exodus, (the so-called "Ranger Update"). This is a rather substantial patch released today by the guys from 4A which will improve la stability by the game and will add the possibility of to listen of tapes where i developers will speak was originally the realization by the title same. The aforementioned update also, in addition to add new functionality, will fix certain bugs. The most substantial novelty of the "Ranger update" is certainly represented by theintroduction was originally the New Game + mode. The aforementioned will allow players to repeat the game with all le weaponry he objects by the first playthrough. There is also the desire to introduce new variables to create a very varied, unique and demanding game experience. Also will be added for this purpose new trophies. We remind you that the new update for Metro Exodus is awaited for today. Metro Exodus instead, the 15 February last for Pc, Xbox e Ps4.