The collaboration between Dario Argento and the new title produced by Clod Studio had already been announced a few days ago. Today it has officially started the Dreadful Bond Kickstarter campaign, which has as its objective 60.000 euro to be reached within 30 days. Among the various stretch goals we can find the development of an edition for PS4 once we reach the 150.000 euros. Pledges to support the project are many and for all budgets: it starts from a minimum of 5 euros to reach a maximum of 300, with the possibility of receiving a special edition of the game signed by Dario Argento in person.

The Thrill Master will not only be sponsor of the game. For him, with Dreadful Bond, it will be the first ever experience as artistic director of a video game. These are his words:
"Dreadful Bond is a project very close to my themes, my films, my dreams: it has something profound that immediately struck me. I got carried away in this new journey with the guys from Clod Studio ".