Steam is preparing to refresh her look with a new one graphic interface, shown in preview at GDC 2019. After years of rumors about a possible one redesign, the time has finally come, casually shortly after the announcement by epic Games on a graphic update of his store.

The improvements will be substantially aesthetic, aimed at providing a more complete overview of their gaming activity. Let's see together some of the confirmed changes, deductible from the preview images:

  • The list of your contacts will be integrated into a column on the right;
  • At the top there will be a list that will list the recently started games;
  • Immediately below will be shown the titles of your own collection that have recently received updates;
  • At the bottom the games of your own library will be shown, shown with scalable images at will;
  • The side column will be similar to the current one, redesigned to follow the new graphic style;
  • The new tab Events instead it will show all those titles where special events are active, such as anniversaries or weekends with experience bonuses, just to give some examples.

What do you think of the new Steam interface?

Steam: soon a new interface