We all remember that Sony has already announced for some time that it would not be present during theE3 this year and obviously, many of us imagined that he wanted to take a road similar to that of Nintendo, with Direct.

The confirmation comes today with the announcement by Sony of the first episode of State of Play, a series of live streams where you will announce in regards to PS4 e PS4 VR. As you can see from the cover image, the event will "wave" the 25 March at local 22.

The event will be visible on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Twitch on official Sony channels. The main difference from the Nintendo Direct is that State of Play it will be a live event and therefore not edited like those of the Big N. Immediately after the end of the live it will be possible to view the VOD version.

Honestly we are curious to see what they have to present and what the public reaction will be, so all we have to do is mark the date and time on our agenda!