Just yesterday Sea of ​​Thieves has completed one year of its publication and, as a gift to players, Rare announced 'sAnniversary Update. This huge updating, defined by the developers themselves as "a new golden age" for their title, introduces a series of highly anticipated innovations. Below is a list of all confirmed ones:

  • The Sand, a PVP mode that allows crews to clash against each other;
  • Le Absurd Stories, a series of quests focused on the narration of adventures that can be faced alone or in groups. The first will be called "Shores of Gold";
  • La Call of the Hunter, a new Trading Company;
  • New secondary activities, including the fishery and kitchen.
  • Danni localized All ships: it will be possible to destroy some parts of the ship, such as the mast or the rudder, which will make the clashes even more complex and articulated;
  • The harpoon, usable in different ways and occasions.
  • New enemies;
  • New cosmetic items.

The Anniversary Update will be available from 30 April su PC e Xbox One.