The Apple Store è offline, and as usual at this time of the year, speculations are increasing by the hour that want to have a new Ipad. The release before the inevitable is not excluded Keynote of presentation Apple . 25 March. The quotations that are ready for the stores around the world are already making their way already this week or even today. The goal was to release the new Ipad at the same time as theIpad Mini 5 (end of March) so they could both leave today. We come to the price. We talk about lower costs (approx dollars 329), in line with the new philosophy by the Cupertino company. Slightly bigger than the current 9.7 ″ (it is rumored 10 " o 10.2 ") and with one wide range di colors of the body in assortment (like Iphone), the new Ipad will have better performing speakers, an improved room setup, full support for Apple Pencil 2, and an improved version of the Retina Lcd display. Tremble, tremble, the apples are back!