Continue to rage the controversy on launcher of Epic Games, accused by many parties of collecting users' personal data directly from their computer. Epic had to respond to accusations, but press releases were not enough to reassure Valve: the latter in fact will conduct an investigation on the way the launcher accesses Steam user data that uses it.

The Epic Games Store allows you to import your friends of Steam after registration. As part of this feature, the launcher makes an encrypted local copy of the localconfig.vdf file. Epic claims to have access to this copy only by consent user, just for the purpose of importing the friends list. However Valve said she was very worried, pointing out that the data collected by launcher are private, owned by users, and saved exclusively on their computers. More specifically, Valve states that these data are not meant to be available to software at all third parts, as precisely the launcher of Epic Games.

The Epic Games Store recently announced the roadmap to the improvements he intends to introduce during the 2019, and the controversy over the privacy of users definitely comes with an unfavorable timing. Even if it should be resolved positively for Epic and his launcher, the controversy in any case risks being alone one of many chapters in growing rivalry between the Epic Games Store and Steam.