Microsoft has recently revealed that the Halo: The Masterchief Collection Sara available soon on PC.

This news did make the communities mad with joy of the game that, to reward this market choice, have decided to reward 343 Industries developers with ... pizza!

Apparently, according to a Reddit post, a user would have offered to send pizza blades to the American studio as a thank you if the title had arrived on PC. The community manager, after learning this request, has accepted the proposal without realizing it that, much of the community, i he would actually send tons of pizza.

This funny episode has also triggered some problems, with the reception invaded with pizza requests and with it same study that he found himself forced to ask to its users of stop to send more food for avoid any waste.

Fortunately, the community has accepted this appeal by stopping to donate food. If you are wondering what happened to the advanced pizza, 343 industries has decided to donate it to some associations that look after Seattle's homeless.