As Fortnite and other similar titles, too Apex Legends will have a Battle Pass. This package, whose specific content is not yet known, will be released at the beginning of the 1 Season of battle royale weblog Respawn.

Yesterday she appeared on Origin the page of the aforementioned Battle Pass, which was then promptly removed.

Here is an image.

Lo screenshot confirms that the next Apex character will be, as previously anticipated by other leaks, Octane. The price of this Pass is also defined, which will be sold on store in game for 950 Apex Coins, or 9,50 €.

Yesterday Respawn confirmed the legitimacy of this leak through Reddit, also stating that the 1 Season of Apex Legends would not have received the 12 March as anticipated by others rumor.

We therefore await further details regarding the release date of this Battle Pass and its contents.