Quite unexpectedly, Sony Playstation Italia announced the arrival of an event held in Milan Playstation Now in Italy today, 12 March 2019. The famous service of the Japanese company, already available in the United States for some time, therefore finally sets foot even with us. The reasons for this delay are due to the need to provide an adequate network structure for our country capable of guaranteeing the best possible experience for users.

Playstation Now is based on a very special technology (also tested by other Sony competitors, including Google and Microsoft); thanks to it, the titles will be installed on a special server. We will therefore be able to play "remotely" via a dedicated server. All at an extraordinary speed due to special compression technologies. Then, for the first time, Playstation Now titles can be also played on PC. "Sand someone uses a pc to subscribe and use PlayStation Now, and play our games, that's fine with us. The principle we use is that the more we are playing our titles, even on different systems, the better it is ", said Marco Saletta, General Manager of Playstation Italia.

The service includes two types of subscription: one monthly of 14,99 euro and a annual 99,99 euro. Using Playstation Now, we will have access (for the moment) to over 600 titles, ranging from great PS2 and PS3 classics to the latest PS4 releases: Battlefield 4, God of War HD I and II and Heavenly Sword are just some of the titles in the catalog. For multiplayer games, you don't even need to have a PS Plus subscription. And if we don't want to stream them, alternatively we can always download them to the console, with a resolution of 1080p (against the 720p of the on demand versions). Finally, the service includes the insertion of our cloud saves, allowing us to resume progress even by accessing via another platform. Still haven't run to try it?