The PEGI 18 no longer seems sufficient for Sony to allow "everything" in a video game. acclaimed Devil May Cy 5in fact, it seems to have been applied by the censorship on certain scenes, which go to hide the female nudity.

This censorship is curiously present only in the western version of the game and it is also the only one applied, since during the adventure we also find other nude scenes in which the female forms are put on display without any artifice.

In video that you find below (there may be spoilers) find the aforementioned scene in the censored version and not: in the movie we see a completely nude female character that is wrapped in light in the case of the Western PlayStation 4, while everything is shown without any filter in the Japanese version, which is identical to the Xbox One and PC (both Japanese and Western).

In case you do not want to see the video, in these pictures you directly have the frames where you can see the censorship. A strange choice that of Capcom e Sony, which certainly does not affect the quality of Devil May Cry 5 and on the gameplay, but that could make the nose turn up more than one player.