In an interview a The Telegraph, Hidetaka Miyazaki- the esteemed author of the Souls series, Bloodborne and the expected Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice- did not hide a certain infatuation for the battle royale genre"This type of game is extremely fun"he declared the Japanese designer, questioned about the possibility that From Software could contribute. "We are very impressed with the way they are developing: certainly if we took care of it, the implications would surely be different! But we are really interested, and this possibility is certainly not to be excluded in the future. We would really like to test ourselves on the genre one day. " In short, one of those unexpected and unusual statements, especially if one thinks of the main genre for which the author is best known. In the interview, Miyazaki then went on to talk about the high level of production of single player games (mentioning Devil May Cry V and God of War), pointing out that the battle royale, he says, needs a greater variety of gameplay. We will then see what the next steps of the Japanese director will be, hoping perhaps in a battle against other players at the last shot of Claymore.