How to resist games for free? We can not and for this we are here with our "Gratis è bello".

To continue to show off, Epic Game Store continues to offer free games and this time it's up to Slime Rancher.

The game is a VERY colorful sandbox in first person (much is a euphemism), where we will play Beatrix LeBeau, a young girl who decided to get involved with the breeding of ... SLIME!

Exactly, those cute little drop-shaped monsters (which have become famous since the days of Dragon Quest).

Our aim will be to feed the slimes, so that they can produce the pleats, to be exchanged for the game currency that allows us to buy all the necessary upgrades.

In Slime Rancher there are dozens of slime variants that can also be combined with each other to obtain more advanced slimes.

Released in early access in January 2016, Slime Rancher has always received positive criticism from both the trade press and the public, with excellent sales figures.

Well, now you just have to run and download it for FREE to this link!